About Christopher M. Cruz

I am a writer based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I live with my wife, Natasha, in what some refer to as paradise. In my normal life, I teach English to almost one hundred middle schoolers. On the side, I write short stories, have tried my hand at a few novels, and write essays to keep myself sane. I have been published at The Federalist, JP Updates, Medical Daily, The Billfold, and many other publications. On this blog — “web log” — I will write about theology, education, and writing.

Here are three things that you might not know about me:

  • I used to be a political reporter before I moved back to South Florida. I covered New York State politics and got to cover the 2016 presidential election. Because I worked for a smaller outfit, I was able to spend more of my time talking to people out on the road.
  • I used to live in New York City, which I will likely write about in the coming posts. It was an incredibly formative time for us, and won’t ever be forgotten. I still think back on our time there with fondness, but of course, understand the practical perspective we had when we eventually left.
  • I have a twin brother who looks similar to me.